TDoR 2018 / 2018 / March / 21 / Charly ("Flor del Campo")

Charly ("Flor del Campo")

Age 25

21 Mar 2018
Tehuacán, Puebla (Mexico)
Tortured, stabbed and beheaded

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Charly ("Flor del Campo")
Charly ("Flor del Campo") [photo:]

Charly was found tortured, stabbed 15 times and beheaded at her home in the Santiago Tula neighborhood at dawn on Wednesday 21st March 2018.

After the murder of Charly yesterday morning, the president of the Club G and Collective of Sexual, Social and Cultural Diversity , Kevin Williams, condemned the murder and demanded the capture of those responsible.

He explained that Charly was named in the collective as Flor del Campo and was involved in the activities of the group, especially in the carnival that is organized in the auxiliary board of San Nicolás Tetitzintla.

He noted that the collective has not ruled out holding a demonstration or protest in the coming days over this crime.

Charly was a hairdresser and choreographer and ran a beauty salon in her home. Prior to her murder she had been subjected to intimidation by unknown assailants in which shots were fired at her home and stones thrown through its windows.

"Cheers, applause, music and dance, but also tears and pain, so it was that they fired, Charly, better known as "Flor del campo", who was stabbed to death inside her home located in Colonia Santiago Tula last Wednesday, March 21.

"The young woman was part of the diverse sexual community, and in addition to collaborating with different social causes, since she knew well the deficiencies, since she came from a very humble stratum, she also collaborated the last five years of her life with the organization of the Carnival of San Nicolás Tetitzintla.

"That's why the huehuetones and werewolves, traditional personalities in the carnival parades, accompanied Flor del Campo, first loaded her coffin to the interior of the church of San Nicolás, to be accompanying the family during the mass of the present body, then they did the same to pay her a small tribute in the esplanade of the auxiliary board.

"The huehues made honor guard, while others danced around the coffin where the body of Charly lay, in an unusual panorama, the characters that usually spread joy and laughter, cried before the death of one of their companions, after the small tribute They left for the pantheon, to leave Flor del Campo in her final resting place."

Centro de Apoyo a las Identidades Trans & Diario Cambio, 22.03.2018

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