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Nastya Sapayev

Age 42

31 Mar 2018
Moscow (Russia)

Nastya Sapayev
Nastya Sapayev [photo:]

Nastya was beaten to death by a crowd of people on a Moscow street. She was in the city to visit a hospital for medical attention.

Nobody identified her body and she was buried as a homeless person. The location of her grave is not known.

"[She] often visited me for a visit. I loved to talk for a long time. And even when the topic was not interesting for me, I never expelled [her]. Suddenly, [deadname] started to call less often, and then disappeared altogether. They said that [she] left for the capital to improve [her] health. I last saw my friend in March last year ... But recently I was horrified to find out that [she] was no more. Some hooligans in Moscow did not like [her] appearance - they beat [her] to death. The body was not brought to [her] native place. [She] was buried as a homeless person, it is not known where, not even gave goodbye to relatives."

It was reported that she had attempted to operate on herself and the hospital visit may well have been a consequence of this.

Nastya was an actor, and had parts in the Nikita Mikhalkov films “Burnt by the Sun - 2” and “Sunstroke”. Not unexpectedly the Russian press has not been sympathetic about her.

[Nastya] has long decided to change the floor and said to everyone, including on popular talk shows on federal channels, that [she] feels like a woman. Some time ago, [she] even deprived [herself] of the male sexual organ, after which [she] was urgently taken to hospital.

According to preliminary information, [Nastya] recently went to Moscow to check into one of the metropolitan hospitals and settle health problems. However, on the street he was attacked by a crowd of young people who did not like [her] appearance. As a result of the cruel beating, [Nastya] did not survive.

Report added: 17 Nov 2018. Last updated: 16 Jul 2019

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