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Millany Santos Figueiredo

Age 23

15 Apr 2018
Nossa Senhora do Socorro, Sergipe (Brazil)
Beaten and suffocated

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Millany Santos Figueiredo
Millany Santos Figueiredo [photo:]

Millany was found dead in her home by her mother. Her body was covered in blood and she had been suffocated.

The Civil Police elucidated the crime that resulted in the death of Millany Santos Figueiredo, 23. The transsexual was found dead on April 15 , inside her own residence, in Nossa Senhora do Socorro. The accused is Marcos Paulo dos Santos, 28, the victim's companion.

The preliminary report by the Legal Medical Institute (IML) found that the cause of Millany's death was mechanical asphyxiation or suffocation. According to police officer Maria Zulnária, responsible for the case, witnesses say that the victim was constantly beaten by Marcos Paulo. "She was hospitalized for four days in the red wing of the Huse [Hospital de Urgência de Sergipe]", she stressed. Soon after, he reconciled with his companion.

Initially, the accused said he left the house on Friday, April 13 [two days before Millany was found dead] and went to a seresta, where he met another woman with whom he spent the weekend. In his second statement, Marcos Paulo had included a friend. “This friend was temporarily arrested for personal favor, because he took the accused to the woman's home. And at no time did he help the police in their investigations, ”said the delegate.

On May 2, Marcos Paulo was arrested and, in a new statement, confessed that he argued with the woman on Friday. “He said he arrived and she was not at home. He went to pick her up in the seresta and, coming home, in the middle of an argument, pushed the victim, ”says Maria Zulnária.

“According to him, that push had no major consequences. But when she came back from the bathroom she was struggling with a seizure”, she said. Then the man would have poured water to stop the crisis. “He left the house because he thought she was faking it”, said the delegate. "At the very least he had to provide assistance," he added. The victim had no medical history of seizures. The delegate follows the preliminary report of the IML and believes that Millany was asphyxiated.

In November 2020 her abusive partner Marcos Paulo dos Santos was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment for her murder.

Millany's Facebook profile is

IBTE & G1 Sergipe, 15.04.2018

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