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Matheus Passareli

Age 21

29 Apr 2018
Piedade, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Executed and burnt

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Matheus Passareli
Matheus Passareli [photo:]

Matheus was a non-binary LGBT activist and arts student. They were executed and burned after entering a favela in Piedade in the North Zone of Rio.

In May 2019 Manuel Avelino de Sousa Junior, known as "Peida Voa", was arrested.

RIO - In the early hours of April 29, 2018, drug trafficker Manuel Avelino de Sousa Junior was on duty in a mouth of smoke at Morro do Dezoito, in Água Santa, in the North Zone, when, around 3 am, he approached the student Matheusa Passarelli who was walking, naked and disoriented, through the slum. In a videotaped testimonial from GLOBO, he confesses that he shot Matheusa twice and that after the murder her body was quartered and burned their body in a vat on top of the community.

Two teenagers helped to hide Matheusa Passareli's body. According to the newspaper O Globo, the revelation was made by the trafficker Manuel Avelino de Sousa Junior, accused of killing the student, to the Civil Police. The youths were part of the gang that runs drug sales at Morro do Dezoito, in the North Zone of Rio.

In January, the Civil Police concluded that the trans student had been killed by traffickers at Morro do Eighteen after attempting to remove one of their rifles while on trial by a "criminal court". "In the investigation, it was concluded that Matheusa had a disagreement with local traffickers and tried to take the gun from one of them, being shot and his body concealed within the community,"

Two traffickers suspected of ordering the body to be incinerated were arrested by the court: Genilson Pereira, known as "GG", and Messias Texeira, head of trafficking in Morro do Eighteen. They were charged with willful murder and body concealment. GG died in March during a clash with the Military Police in Água Santa.

Matheus' Facebook account is Their Instagram accounts are and

IBTE & G1 Rio de Janeiro, 29.04.2018

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