TDoR 2018 / 2018 / May / 14 / Rosada Durán Romero

Rosada Durán Romero

14 May 2018
Valencia, Carabobo (Venezuela)

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Rosada Durán Romero

Rosada was a sex worker. She was shot on the street at around 9pm on Monday 14th May 2018.

After arriving in hospital she named her attacker. She died there after suffering a convulsion and falling from a stretcher.

"No one answered me here if my [daughter] died from the shooting, from the loss of blood or from the blow that occurred when [she] fell from the stretcher. The police tell me that they are investigating that, but they do not answer me at all. They told me that if I came to know something, I told them, that is, they want me to do their job" said [her] mother, who was nervous because she fears that her son has been the victim of a hate crime for being [transgender].

Centro de Apoyo a las Identidades Trans & La Prensa Lara, 17.05.2018

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