TDoR 2018 / 2018 / May / 21 / C. Peralta ("Pandora")

C. Peralta ("Pandora")

Age 39

21 May 2018
Santa Rita, Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

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C. Peralta ("Pandora")
C. Peralta ("Pandora") [photo:]

Pandora was a hairdresser. They were shot 5 times late on Monday 21st May in the Alto das Populares neighborhood.

According to police, Pandora was visiting a friend and attending a party in the same neighborhood, when gang members invaded the area, dragged out the hairdresser and shot them dead.

"We heard a lot of screams. The killers were very angry. They used brutality and violence to kill them. There were a lot of shots" said one witness, who did not want to be identified.

Author note: This is one of those cases where the victim's identity isn't obvious. The only published photos may be current, or may be of their deadself. Their first name could be a deadname, or it could be one they used regularly. We have no way of knowing.

This is why their first name has been abbreviated and gender neutral pronouns are being used - quite honestly it's the safest thing to do in cases like this. More information may come to light to clarify things, or it may not.

IBTE & G1 Paraiba, 21.05.2018

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