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Kamylla Roberta

Age 30

7 Jun 2018
Canasvieiras, Santa Catarina (Brazil)

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Kamylla Roberta
Kamylla Roberta [photo:]

Kamylla was found beaten to death with an iron bar in her home in the north of Santa Catarina Island. She had only moved there a month earlier.

Police arrested a suspect the following month.

Kamylla's Facebook profile is

A reporter spoke to the friend who found her dead on the floor of the apartment she had moved to a few days ago.

"I missed her on Thursday because she had not answered my messages since the day before, and she never did that. I was worried so I went into the building, I talked to the owner of the apartment, who took the key and when we opened the door, Kamylla was on the floor, already dead. She was dating recently, but I did not know him. I do not know why they did this to her, it was a hateful crime", they said.

In October 2021 Júnior Everton Menegildo was convicted of femicide and sentenced to 14 years, 10 months and 10 days in prison.

The Capital Jury Court unanimously sentenced the defendant Júnior Everton Menegildo to 14 years, 11 months and 10 days in prison this week, accused of the violent murder of transsexual Kamylla Roberta ([deadname]) in the north of the island.

In the indictment, the Attorney André Otávio Mello acted, who upheld a thesis unpublished in Santa Catarina: that the defendant had also committed the crime of femicide, due to the fact that he lived with the “woman” murdered using an iron bar while she slept. In addition to the violence, he fled with the victim's car to Itapema, where he was arrested four days later.

The Judgment Council accepted the Public Ministry's thesis that the victim had the female gender as an identity and unanimously condemned the defendant for the practice of doubly qualified homicide. Prosecutor André Otávio highlighted: "The law that guarantees greater protection to women does not only refer to the biological sex, but also covers every human being who considers herself to be female." He invoked violence against women, citing the Federal Constitution in the week in which it completed 33 years since its enactment.

IBTE & G1 Santa Catarina, 07.06.2018

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