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Thalia Costa Barboza

Age 33

21 Jun 2018
São Borja,, Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

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Thalia Costa Barboza
Thalia Costa Barboza [photo:]

Thalia was beaten to death by her partner after he objected to her sharing the fact that they were in a relationship on social media.

Douglas Gluszsazk Rodrigues, 22, was arrested after being identified through CCTV footage and confessed to the crime.

On 21st January 2020 Rodrigues was convicted of her murder and sentenced to 24 years in prison.

The football player Douglas Gluszszak Rodrigues, will be judged by a Popular Jury tomorrow (21), in São Borja. He is accused of the death of 33-year-old [trans woman] Thalia Costa Barboza on June 20, 2018.

Thalia's body was found by witnesses a day after the crime, on June 21, on the banks of the Uruguay River, in São Borja. According to the police, the victim was beaten to death by Douglas, 22, who played football for the São Borja Sports Association. According to family members, at the time of the crime they had been together for a month.

Thalia's Facebook profile is

IBTE & Gauchzh, 21.06.2018

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