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Alexa Gutiérrez

Age 47

2 Jul 2018
Jesús Maria, Aguascalientes (Mexico)
Stabbed and beaten

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Alexa Gutiérrez
Alexa Gutiérrez [photo:]

Alexa was stabbed and beaten to death inside her home. Her sister found her body several days after she had been killed.

Alexa was a stylist who was in the early stages of transition and was fighting cancer at the same time. She was well known in the area and visited local communities to offer free haircuts to people who could not afford to pay for her services.

Marco Antonio García Robles, president of the VIDHA AC Foundation, demanded that the Prosecutor's Office investigate the killing of Alexa Gutiérrez as feminicide, since she was a transgender person.

"We do not exist and that is unfair. We demand that this be investigated as such, that they begin to take the protocol because it is not fair that they hide us, we must begin to demand, because trans individuals do exist ".

For their part, family members said that in recent times she was fighting for her life, so at the time Alexa decided that her identity change was not urgent, but that this is not a reason for her murder not to be investigated as feminicide.

Centro de Apoyo a las Identidades Trans & desastre, 26.05.2017

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