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Mirela da Silva Soares

Age 29

4 Jul 2018
Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina (Brazil)

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Mirela da Silva Soares
Mirela da Silva Soares [photo:]

Mirela's body was found on the afternoon of 4th July beneath a pile of debris in a vacant lot adjacent to a repair shop.

She had cuts on her neck and had been strangled with the strap of a handbag. Investigators believe that she may have been killed by a client at the end of their meeting.

In November 2019 a man was arrested for her murder.

The Balneário Camboriú DIC arrested 35-year-old ES on charges of murdering the [trans woman] Myrela in July last year. The arrest was on Friday.

The victim was found dead in a vacant lot on Alvin Bauer Avenue, next to a mechanic's shop downtown, on July 4, 2018. The body was under furniture scraps. Myrela was strangled with a purse strap and had neck cuts.

Civil police investigations indicate that E. and Mirela, after drinking and using drugs, had sex. The two would have had a disagreement and E. killed the [trans woman].

Last Thursday, the police arrived at the suspect and during the interrogation he confessed to the crime. Police requested E.'s probation the same day, but were not granted justice until the next day. The suspect is in Canhanduba jail.

IBTE & G1, 05.07.2018

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