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Simge Avcı

Age 24

13 Jul 2018
Samsun (Turkey)

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Simge Avcı
Simge Avcı [photo:]

Simge was shot in the stomach by her boyfriend at her home in the Ilkadim district. He defended his actions by claiming that she had "mocked his manhood".

He has been arrested for her killing.

Simge Avcı loved practical jokes, says her roommate Bahar, recalling how her friend would giggle after pretending to spill the contents of an empty teapot on her startled victims.

Bahar (not her real name), 25, had lived with Avcı for seven years in Samsun, a small, sleepy city on the Black Sea coast of Turkey.

On 13 July, the roommates went out for a long breakfast with Avcı’s boyfriend, Mecit Sezer, and her mother. They chatted as they ate and later went to a local pool to combat the sweltering heat. “It was a normal day,” says Bahar.

The group parted company at about 7pm. Less than five hours later, Avcı was shot in the stomach and died.

Pembehayat and The Guardian, 16.08.2018

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