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Dudu dos Santos Duarte

Age 27

3 Aug 2018
São Paulo (Brazil)

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Dudu dos Santos Duarte
Dudu dos Santos Duarte [photo:]

Dudu was a police officer. He went missing on the evening of 2nd August amid reports by friends that he had been injured in a bar.

Reportedly he had gone there to celebrate the birth of the baby of a couple of friends.

One witness said that at about 3am, when he returned from the bathroom he heard someone complain about the disappearance of a cell phone. At this point, "he pulled the gun from his waist and placed it on the table, saying that no one would leave the place until the cell phone appeared, identifying himself as a police officer."

About 40 minutes later, according to his friends, four men invaded the place, three of them hooded, carrying guns. The police officer, according to the report, was shot twice and taken by the men.

The Military Police found his body dead in the trunk of a car at Cristalino Rolim de Freitas Street in the Campo Grande neighborhood at around 7:50pm on Monday 6th August. He had been shot in the groin and head.

Press reports of his disappearance and murder initially erased his identity by deadnaming Dudu and reporting him as being a lesbian.

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