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Nasir Nazo

16 Aug 2018
Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Pakistan)
Shot and dismembered

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Nasir Nazo
Nasir Nazo [photo:]

Nasir was shot dead by her ex-boyfriend at her flat. Her killer then hacked her body to pieces.

He has been arrested along with an accomplice who was apprehended carrying a bag containing parts of her body.

"The transgender person, Nazo, was shot dead at her flat and later the body was hacked to pieces, the police told The Express Tribune, adding that they have also recovered the axe and the gun used in the crime.

"According to the FIR, a Pishtakhara police patrol intercepted a suspect carrying a bag and upon checking they found human body parts in the bag. The suspect, identified as Muhammad Farooq, was taken into custody subsequently."

Pinknews & RFERL, 17.08.2018

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