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Esra Ateş

25 Aug 2018
Beyoğlu, Istanbul (Turkey)

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Esra Ateş
Esra Ateş [photo:]

Esra was attacked by a client who argued with her in front of her apartment. She was stabbed and had her throat cut in three places.

Her killer stole her purse and mobile phone. He was detained after the police reviewed CCTV footage of her murder.

Esra Ateş, a trans woman, was killed in front of her Istanbul apartment early on Saturday (25 August).

Ateş lived in the Beyoğlu district of Istanbul. Sources say she was arguing with a person loitering outside her apartment building on Friday night. As a result, the man stabbed her and cut her throat. According to Evrensel, Ateş was a sex worker and the man she was arguing with was one of her clients.

Law enforcement officials and crime scene investigators are currently looking into the suspect and reviewing evidence. The forensic morgue removed Ateş’s body.

Thanks to footage from security cameras, police were able to detain the murderer. The killer had Ateş’s mobile phone on him at the time.

This was not the first time Ateş was attacked. Her friends claim she was attacked just a few days prior to her murder, also in front of her apartment building.

In February 2020 her killer was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

The murderer of trans woman Esra Ateş, who was killed by cutting her throat at the entrance of her apartment building in Beyoğlu, Istanbul, was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

In the case, where the fourth hearing was held at the Istanbul 5th High Criminal Court, the court ruled that the conditions of legitimate defense and unjust provocation that the killer Olcay Saka had put forward in his defense did not occur.

The court sentenced Saka to life imprisonment for deliberate murder (Article 81/1 of the Turkish Penal Code). Considering the “negative effects of killer Saka” on the future, the court converted life imprisonment to 25 years with a discount of discretion.

Esra's Facebook profile is

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