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Ada Mía Naomi Gómez Rivas

Age 29

27 Aug 2018
Paraguarí  (Paraguay)
Stabbed and burned

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Ada Mía Naomi Gómez Rivas
Ada Mía Naomi Gómez Rivas [photo:]

Ada went missing on Monday 27th August.

The following Thursday police arrested César Guzmán Franco, 19, who confessed to stabbing her with a machette and then burning her body. Her remains were found in a thicket in the early hours of Friday 31st August.

The Panambi Association laments the terrible homicide of Ada Mía Naomi Gomes Rivas. From the PANAMBI Association that brings together Trans people from Paraguay, we declare our REPUDIO before a new fact of CRIME OF HATRED towards a trans female partner.

From the institution we express our great sadness, concern and repudiation against the murders towards trans people. Today a new event enlightens the entire TLGBI community. This morning was contracted the body without life of Naomi in the company Naranjo de Piribebuy, who was murdered. According to confessed author statements, he applied Naomi several blows of machete and then incinerated his body. However, he refused to provide further information on the motive of the crime. From Panambi we believe that these crimes are committed by hatred, discrimination and repudiation of our identity or sexual orientation.

WE URGE: the authorities to investigate in depth this new crime and the communicators, journalists and opinion makers to face this type of facts with an approach of greater respect and objectivity, since we know the importance and influence of the media and opinion makers before millions of people.

Ada's Facebook profile is

Centro de Apoyo a las Identidades Trans & Hoy, 31.08.2018

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