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Laysa Fortuna

Age 25

19 Oct 2018
Aracaju, Sergipe (Brazil)
Beaten and stabbed

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Laysa Fortuna
Laysa Fortuna [photo:]

Laysa was attacked in the centre of Aracaju. She died in hospital from her injuries.

According to witnesses, her attacker was identified as Alex da Silva Cardoso , a street person, who while walking through the area threatened several trans women. He stated that he said that if Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) was elected president, all trans people would be killed.

On the morning of Saturday 20th October Alex Silva Cardoso, 33, was arrested for her murder.

Good night. I and all our friends and family and friends are terrified of the death of Laysa Fortuna, a transgender young woman who could not stand the wounds of a monster. The pain is very great, because it was a friend dear to all, who had a life ahead.

You were snatched from this world in the worst possible way. Whatever you do with this killer, it will never bring us back to us, it stays in our memories, your tenderness, your charm, your smile and above all YOU. May God receive you with your immense glory, for you will always be in our memories. We are all devastated. ETERNAL MOURNING

Laysa herself had expressed fear about what would happen if Bolsonaro was elected.

On social networks friends of Laysa paid their respects. One of her friends said she had witnessed Laysa fearing the election and saying that the vote of many Brazilians contributed to her death.

"Laysa said on election day: 'Your vote may kill me. I was close to her when this happened. Today she is gone and her murderer spoke the name of Bolsonaro. Do you understand that your vote is unleashing? I swear I'm scared," the message says.

On 12th November 2019 her killer was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Accused of the murder of transsexual Laysa Fortuna, a crime that took place in October last year in Aracaju, Alex da Silva Cardoso was sentenced to 12 years in prison in a popular jury on Tuesday morning, 12, at the Gumersindo Bessa Forum in the capital. Sergipe. The victim was hit by a stabbing weapon on the night of October 18 last year in central Aracaju and on Tuesday, the defendant was submitted to a popular jury.

Laysa's Facebook profile is

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