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Ariana Esquivel

Age 24

21 Oct 2018
La Matanza Partido, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Ariana Esquivel
Ariana Esquivel [photo:]

Ariana died by suicide. She was a police officer and was suffering discrimination at work.

The incident occurred last night, around 9:00 pm, when the officer and two other officers were on board a patrol car carrying out their duties.

According to the police report, at around 8:15 pm, they stopped to buy food at the San Justo Shopping Mall after which they resumed their tour. While they were traveling through Zapiola in the direction of Peribebuy to Route 3, they noticed that Esquivel had a cell phone on which she was receiving messages.

Minutes later, the witnesses said they heard an "unexpected explosion" and stopped the car thinking that a tyre had burst, but when they got out they noticed that their partner was injured in the back of the car. Meanwhile, her regulation weapon, a 9 mm pistol, was lying on the floor.

The officer was immediately rushed to the SolĂ­s Clinic in the aforementioned town, where medical attention was given, but unfortunately she died.

Suicide of the trans police officer: "Ariana suffered a lot of discrimination in her work"

A friend of the officer who committed suicide last night inside a patrol car told that she had been suffering from a great depression because five months ago she had decided to show herself according to his self-perceived gender. The rejection she received would have led her to make that decision.

Ariana was 24 years old and had worked in the security forces for six years. In the last five months she had decided to show herself as she was and began her transformation, but that, according to her friends, led her to face the rejection of many people.

"She was not having a good time. She suffered a lot of discrimination at work, she was not well with her family, they were very closed and it was difficult for them to accept her as she was. That led her to feel like she was always wrong, " one of her friends told SN Online.

Report added: 17 Apr 2019. Last updated: 16 Jul 2019

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