TDoR 2019 / 2018 / November / 04 / Brenda Zarik Sifuentes Andrade

Brenda Zarik Sifuentes Andrade

Age 35
4 Nov 2018
La Esperanza District, Trujillo, La Libertad (Peru)
Suffocated and stabbed

Brenda Zarik Sifuentes Andrade
Brenda Zarik Sifuentes Andrade [photo:]

Brenda was suffocated and stabbed in the neck by the man she was dating in the early hours of the day before her 36th birthday.

Before fleeing he stole a laptop, a cell phone and cash.

The police are looking for the person whom she had been dating for two months. He had asked for a loan of one thousand soles, which he later refused to pay back. After murdering her he also stole money, a laptop and Brenda's cell phone.

Brenda was an enterprising woman who supported her family financially through three businesses, one selling decoration and two footwear. She was also an active member of Red Trans de La Libertad.

Her Facebook profile is

Report added: 6 Nov 2018. Last updated: 13 Nov 2019. Source ref: tgeu/4-Nov-2018/Brenda Zarik Sifuentes Andrade

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