TDoR 2019 / 2018 / November / 14 / Raphaela Souza

Raphaela Souza

Age 32

14 Nov 2018
Vitoria da Conquista, Bahia (Brazil)

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Raphaela Souza
Raphaela Souza [photo:]

Raphaela was shot twice in the head on the night of Wednesday 14th November in the Miro Cairo - Conquista neighborhood. After she was killed her cell phone was stolen.

Raphaela was a social worker, hairdresser, and an important spokeswoman for LGBT causes in the southwest of the state. She worked at the Municipal Department of Social Development (Semdes) and taught hairdressing classes for women enrolled in the Bolsa Família program. She was also a member of the State Council for the Rights of the Population of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transvestite and Transgender (CELGBT), and coordinated the Finas Collective of transvestites and transsexuals.

Through social networks, throughout the day, the community LGBTQIA + of Bahia has expressed regret for the death of the activist.

The pain and the impotence make me shut up in the cold murder of Raphaela Souza Even when Brazil? (Keila Simpson, via Facebook)

Float, my friend! Your legacy of love and respect will be honored. Bahia is the second state in the ranking of the most victims of transphobia, with 12 murders in 2018, counting with state activist and LGBT counselor Raphaella Souza. From his memory, the commitment in the struggle is renewed. May your path be light. We love you. (Vinícius Zacarias, via Facebook)

Do you know when words are missing? When they cease to make sense and despair takes you from the place, from the center and you do not know if you suffer, run, or stop. So I'm feeling. Yesterday was Raphaela Souza and fear will not paralyze me, because I have to follow. But he's here. We have to be born every day. Re-elaborate. We lost a great woman in the history of Bahia. May Orun receive! The day Xango begins to charge every drop of blood, there will be no vessel to carry. ( Diego Pereira, via Facebook )

At dawn yesterday our dear Raphaela Souza was murdered. Travesti, from Vitória da Conquista, a human rights activist, a counselor from the Bahia State LGBT Council, had her life cut with three shots in her head! There are those who say that after the elections the dust is low, or that hatred would decrease and "we would return to normalcy". And the state of exception is still going on, worse and worse. Raphaela present! (Petra Peron, via Facebook)

This is the second murder of a trans woman in the city in a week. On 7th November two trans women were attacked near the Jadiel Matos Leste Ring Road. Elisângela was shot in the head and died at the scene. The second trans woman, Duda, survived the attack and told police that the killers filmed the attack.

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