TDoR 2019 / 2018 / December / 04 / Karliane Vitoria Rodrigues

Karliane Vitoria Rodrigues

Age 21

4 Dec 2018
Taguatinga Sul, Distrito Federal (Brazil)

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Karliane Vitoria Rodrigues
Karliane Vitoria Rodrigues [photo:]

Karliane was shot in the back by an assassin who fled on a bicycle.

At the police station, a witness said he saw the victim walking in front of a cyclist, who was singled out for investigations as the prime suspect. In testimony, this person said that the victim screamed for help and then they "heard several shots."

Frightened, the witness ran in the opposite direction, but other people claimed to have seen the cyclist fleeing to a place known as "favelinha", in the same region. According to the expert, Karliane was hit by a 22-mm firearm shot.

Her Facebook profile is,37336.shtml

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