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Manuel Luna

Age 31

11 Dec 2018
Moelia, Michoacán (Mexico)

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Manuel Luna
Manuel Luna [photo:]

Manuel's burnt body was found on the edge of a dirt road called 8 de diciembre, which links the communities of La Esperanza and La Concepcion.

Their body was found by neighbours who were walking in the area. The garments they were wearing led the authorities to initially believe that the body belonged to a woman.

However, several days later the body was identified by the victim's family as Manuel Luna, a "31-year-old openly homosexual young man who, according to his relatives, used to cross-dress."

We will obviously never know their true gender identity.

Relatives, friends and activists reported that it was a hate crime based on Luna's sexual orientation and gender expression; therefore, they did not hesitate to describe the event as an act of transphobia and demanded that the authorities resolve the case, which they described as unacceptable and of an unusual cruelty.

"The most recent hate crime committed against an LGBTTTI person whose body was found calcinated shows us the hatred, vulnerability and lack of security with which thousands of people live constantly," the Colectivo Michoacán organization said in a statement. Diversity.

According to Raúl Martínez, coordinator of the Colectivo Michoacán Diversity, during 2018 there were three cases of LGBT murders in the state, two transgender women and Manuel's recent homicide.

"The way he was murdered gives us a sign of hatred and brutality, nobody kills a person and entertains himself in burning him ," the activist explained.

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