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Name Unknown

11 Dec 2018
São Vicente, São Paulo (Brazil)

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Name Unknown

The victim's body was found floating in the water at Praia do Itararé (Itararé beach). The case was recorded as a suspicious death.

The preliminary finding was that she died of drowning, but DNA was collected to perform additional tests. She was not carrying any identifying documents.

"These complementary tests are part of a practice, but no signs of violence, such as shooting, stabbing or head trauma, were found," explained Peres.

The victim had an apparent hematoma in the left eye and a lesion in the right ear. They may be due to the impact of the body on rocks in the sea by the force of the tide.

The main clue to the identity of the victim is the pendant of the necklace she wore. The piece has the inscription "Angel". Due to the condition of the body, it was not possible to collect her fingerprints. She was described only as brown and with curly hair.

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