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Marilin Sosa

Age 32

16 Dec 2018
La Matanza Partido, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Run over

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Marilin Sosa
Marilin Sosa [photo:]

Marilin died in hospital a year after being run over. She was one of the four victims who had made accusations that senior police officers were involved in people trafficking.

Four trans girls were killed for reporting the police In two months, four sex workers were killed in Camino de Cintura. Two of them had denounced police in a case for [people] trafficking, while the other two had suffered threats.

Pamela Arancini was 40 years old, Maxim Brizuela 22, Marilin Sosa 32 and Laly Heredia 36. All of them were sex workers in Camino de Cintura, in La Matanza partido, Buenos Aires province. Three of them were shot while they worked and their bodies were abandoned on the road. A Marilin 's run over a year ago and died on 16 December in the Hospital of Florencio Varela.

All of them were killed along the Way. Two of them were witnesses in a cause of trafficking network where Buenos Aires police chiefs were involved and had already declared. The other two had been threatened with death for not wanting to pay the police.

Seven police officers were imprisoned, most of them high-ranking: Commissioner Inspector Nicolás Félix Breglia, Deputy Commissioner Patricio Miguel Kearny Herrera (both of the Patrol Command of Avellaneda), Deputy Commissioner Javier Alejandro Caffarena (head of the branch of Llavallol), first lieutenant Jorge Abel Virreira and the officers César Pérez (Llavallol street chief), Braian Fabián Robledo (of Llavallol) and the principal officer Claudia Yamila Ferrando (of Avellaneda). Commissioner Héctor Coquena of the District Headquarters of Ezeiza was also charged and remains a fugitive.

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