TDoR 2019 / 2018 / December / 17 / Litzy Hurtado

Litzy Hurtado

Age 24
17 Dec 2018
El Alto (Bolivia)

Litzy Hurtado
Litzy Hurtado [photo:]

Litzy was stabbed in the heart inside a nightclub in El Alto. Another trans woman who was with her was cut several times on the face but survived.

Reportedly both had been on the receiving end of harassment and insults from a group of young men.

"They have treated them as queers, they have come out in defense and the group of men had knives," the spokesperson for the Organization of Night Workers of Bolivia, Lily Cortez, told Efe.

Five suspects were identified via CCTV footage, and so far three men have been arrested.

Report added: 20 Dec 2018. Last updated: 22 Dec 2018

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