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Denisse Hernández Rivero

25 Dec 2018
Chilpancingo, Guerrero (Mexico)

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Denisse Hernández Rivero
Denisse Hernández Rivero [photo:]

Denisse's decomposing body was found wrapped in blankets and dumped on the Chilpancingo-Tixtla road on 25th December. She had been stabbed in the chest.

The LGBT community of Guerrero condemned the murder of the transgender woman, Denisse Hernández Rivero, located murdered yesterday on the old road to Tixtla, in Chilpancingo. Hernández Rivero was one of 18 transgender women in the area who officially updated their identity in August last year.

Yesterday they located her corpse in a state of putrefaction wrapped with blankets and a dagger buried in her chest, in the Alejandro Cervantes Delgado colony on the old road that connects Tixtla.

In social networks, various groups of the LGBT community condemned the crime. The human rights activist of the gay community, Orlando Pastor Santos, condemned the homicide and criticized the authorities for making homophobic crimes invisible and no one talking about them.

Pastor Santos said that in 2018 they have counted five crimes for homophobia, two in Acapulco, two in Iguala and Denisse Hernández Rivero. "The state of Guerrero is ranked fifth for transphobic crimes. The problem in the entity is that trans people are just figures, the government only counts how many deaths go, but never resolves anything, and when they are feminicide or important people it is a tragedy, "he lamented. The activist denounced that there is institutional discrimination and transphobia towards the gay community, "we are tired of this situation, although there is already a Specialized Prosecutor's Office in Guerrero, they do nothing. We are afraid," he said.

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