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Victória Jugnet

Age 18

4 Jan 2019
Brasília, Distrito Federal (Brazil)

Victória Jugnet
Victória Jugnet [photo:]

Victória died by suicide. Reportedly fear of the political climate and violence in the country were contributing factors.

Her Facebook profile is

"She told her mother that Vick had been in a state of panic and was afraid of the political scene, the veiled threats, the climate of persecution, the fear of going out into the street and the feeling of going to slaughterhouse and finally today, Vick committed suicide. "

In January 2021 the Victoria Jugnet Act - which guarantees the right of deceased trans people to be recorded in their chosen name - was passed in the district.

The National Day of Trans Visibility was celebrated last week (01/29). Several actions and achievements accompanied the celebration.

For the Distrito Federal community, for example, that victory came in the form of a law. District deputy Fábio Felix was responsible for the bill that guarantees the recognition of the social name - respecting their gender identity - of [trans people], on tombstones, death certificates and other documents.

The initiative, dubbed the Victoria Jugnet Act in honor of the young trans [woman] who committed suicide in 2019 and whose death was not officially documented using her social name, had already been approved by the Chamber of Deputies and was sanctioned by the DF government last Friday (29) ).

Report added: 5 Jan 2019. Last updated: 28 Feb 2021

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