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Sussy Montalván

Age 50

17 Jan 2019
Copiapó (Chile)

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Sussy Montalván
Sussy Montalván [photo:]

Sussy was a hairdresser. Her body was found at home after a house fire. The fire was started by her murderer after hanging her with a vest.

Subsequently, Hugo Pastén Espinoza, 42, was arrested and confessed to murdering her as well as the cisgender women Catalina Álvarez, 16, Marina Cabrera, 24.

In an abandoned mine on the Cardones slope, the bony remains of the Bolivian woman were found completely burned. The last thing she knew was that she left her son to a summer school. According to the statement delivered by the official, he raped and murdered her in that same place.

The man [Pastén] was already wanted for the murder of the trans hairdresser Sussy Montalban, whose remains were found burned inside a house in January of this year.

The DNA in a hair found in Montalban's car confirmed his participation in her death, when he hanged her with a vest, set fire to the second floor of his home and fled in his vehicle.

According to the newspaper The Fourth, the detainee identified as Hugo Pastén Espinoza, 42 years old and with a police record of robbery with rape, confessed to the murder of the hairdresser Sussy Montalván, and the death of the young Catalina Álvarez (16) and Marina Cabrera (24).

In the case of Sussy Montalván, hairdresser and trans activist, Pastén confessed that he arrived at the victim's house, where she used a vest to hang her. He subsequently started a fire at the property and stole Montalván's car, in which he escaped the scene of the crime.

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