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Soren Neres Denardi

Age 31

19 Jan 2019
Praia Grande, São Paulo (Brazil)

Soren Neres Denardi
Soren Neres Denardi [photo:]

Soren and their partner Ares died by suicide together in the same hotel.

We received the news of the death of Ares Saturno and Soren Neres Denardi and we spent a few hours waiting for someone to tell us that it was just a mess and nothing had happened. That the two people were still alive. But no ... And it is with great sorrow that we write these lines that follow.

The non-binary trans couple was living in Praia Grande, São Paulo coast, with plans to move to Ceará. Apparently there was no time. Both committed suicide in a hotel in the city of Ribeirão Pires.

Ares Saturno , a former Brazilian who chose to be from São Paulo, worked writing for Canaltech Brasil and was a declared lover of corporal modifications. Soren Neres Denardi had just turned 31, was a student of Letters of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ and fought bravely in the institution so that the trans people were entitled to use the social name. The life expectancy of a trans person in Brazil is 35 years, half when we compare with the cis population.

Friends, friends and friends of the couple claim that it was suicide, both had history and, it seems, combined everything. In one of the messages shared on social networks, Soren says goodbye to a friend and says they are going to the next phase, " and it's not in an organic body . " In those words, they said they were satisfied with themselves, but tired and that the world of humans is unjust. Soren also complained on the social networks of their critical financial situation and asked for help.

The death of Ares and Soren is a tragedy echoed in everyday transphobia and hatred of the different. Happening exactly in the Trans Visibility Month is symptomatic and should teach us something. It is a great warning for us to do something - as long as there is time - for dissenting people to have a desire and a right to live. Our country has become a (more) suffocating and (more) unbearable place for trans people in its broadest spectrum of gender diversity. It is a painful alert, but it is once again being rubbed in the face of society with its system of necropoly. It is urgent that something is done.

May Ares and Soren rest in peace. Our condolences to friends, friends and friends of both. We are very sorry.

Soren Neres Denardi (January 11, 1988-19 January 2019) Ares Saturno (28 November 1986-19 January 2019)

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