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Jésica Benavídez ("Nicky")

Age 33

24 Jan 2019
Paraná, Entre Ríos (Argentina)
Not reported

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Jésica Benavídez ("Nicky")
Jésica Benavídez ("Nicky") [photo:]

Jésica's body was found in her home in Paraná. Her death is considered suspicious.

In the early hours of January 24, in the city of Paraná (Entre Ríos), the death of Jésica Benavídez, a 33-year-old trans woman who survived as a sex worker and lived in extreme poverty, was confirmed. Her companions called her "La Nicky". She was originally from Santa Elena (La Paz) and had arrived in the capital of Entre Ríos more than 10 years ago.

The body was delivered to her family this Friday, January 25, at dawn and moved to Santa Elena. Her remains were veiled in the Cocheria Sabatini, located on 636 Paraná street, in her hometown, and buried in the early hours of this afternoon.

Today also some results of the autopsy were known: it showed that there were no signs of violence in the death of Jésica Benavídez. Now the results of the toxicological analyzes are awaited.

It was a neighbor who saw the lifeless body of Jessica inside her ranch. She was semi-naked and sitting, lifeless, in a chair.

"We are in shock. She was an extraordinary person. Some compañeras saw her last night on the street and they say that she went home with a boy, "Iara Quiroga, a trans activist from Paraná told Presentes.

"I can not get over my shock. I knew her when she distributed prophylactics in Paraná, while studying. She took care of me. She was a compañeraza and died in the worst conditions, "said trans activist Keili González. She added: "Although Justice investigates the cause of her death, here the great responsible is the State. In 2019 for trans people it is a privilege to exist. The State does not generate public support to pave the way for trans people. She lived from prostitution, with the help of her companions."

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