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Mirna Antonella Di Marzo

Age 30

27 Jan 2019
General Güemes, Salta (Argentina)

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Mirna Antonella Di Marzo
Mirna Antonella Di Marzo [photo:]

Mirna died in San Bernardo hospital 3 months and 6 days after being brutally beaten and admitted to intensive care.

After she was found unconscious José Gustavo Gareca was detained and charged with attempted aggravated homicide for mediating gender violence.

By cross-referencing reports, it was possible to reconstruct that Antonella Mirna left the Caribbean bowling before 5 o'clock in the morning of Sunday 21 October. It is believed that he was looking for his motorcycle when she was attacked. They found her between 6 and 7 in the morning, in the same block of the bowling alley, unconscious, with blows to the head and without her underwear. It was not the first time she had been attacked by violence because of prejudices towards her gender identity.

According to Mirna Antonella's sister Gareca was known as a street vendor selling bread. And it is known that he served a sentence for having cut his neighbor's throat. The same day he attacked Antonella, he attacked another girl in the same city. Like Antonella Mirna, hit her in the head, although in this case the victim was helped by a young passer-by. The aggressor fled, and while there he dropped the purse he had stolen from Antonella Mirna.

"It was many days of pain, she now rests in peace, but we have to make the responsible person pay for what he did, we will wait and respect these days of mourning in our family, then we will see if we plan some actions to seek justice, "said Janet Di Marzo, Antonella's sister.

The trial for her murder began on 3rd August 2020. On 12th August José Gustavo Gareca, 46, was sentenced to life.

A man was sentenced today to life imprisonment accused of having murdered Mirna Antonella Eva Di Marzo (30), a trans woman who was beaten at the exit of a bowling alley in October 2018 and died three months later in a hospital in the Salta town of General Güemes, judicial sources reported.

The judge of room IV of the Trial Court, Roberto Faustino Lezcano, this afternoon sentenced José Gustavo Gareca (46), alias "Flaco", to life imprisonment, for being considered the author of the crime of "aggravated homicide by mediating gender violence".

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