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Laly Heredia Escobar ("Sonia Laly")

Age 36
3 Feb 2019
La Matanza, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Laly Heredia Escobar ("Sonia Laly")
Laly Heredia Escobar ("Sonia Laly") [photo:]

Laly's body was found by a neighbour lying in the street at the junction of Avenida Monseñor Bufano and Arribeños, Camino de Cintura at dawn on Sunday 3rd February. She had been shot 8 times.

She was 36 years old and had come from Lima (Peru) to Argentina 10 years earlier. She lived in Morón (province of Buenos Aires), in a house she rented with Emanuel Ferraro, a bricklayer. "We have been together for 9 years. She left home on Saturday at midnight, she had told me she was coming back at 5, but she never came. I found out what happened through the networks."

Yesterday, when the photo of Lali began to circulate on Facebook, Ferraro and one of Lali's sisters who lives in Argentina (the rest of the family lives in Lima), went to the police station and in the fourth of Los Pinos they recognized the body .

"From what the police told me, they killed her at about 3 in the morning. She was working, when she was approached by a man asking for (sexual) services, and there she was executed in one, at the door of a hotel on Camino de Cintura. We think she died between 3 and 7 in the morning. Nobody helped her."

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