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Faye ("Morena Black")

24 Feb 2019
Florida (USA)

Faye ("Morena Black")
Faye ("Morena Black") [photo:]

Faye reportedly took her own life sometime during the weekend of 23rd/24th February.

Every loss to suicide is an absolute tragedy, and that of Faye is certainly no different. As someone who worked in the adult movie industry her personality and life has probably been subjected to far more scrutiny than most of us, and inevitably for many the person who they remember will be the media personna rather than the real person.

In Faye's case, we can only do what we can to try to balance that out - to give others a chance to remember Faye, the loving wife of Terri, rather than Morena Black, Faye's stage personna.

Faye's wife Terri was kind enough to share the following quote about her:

"She knitted and sewed. She liked cooking Puerto Rican food to expand my horizon. We live on a dirt road in a redneck area. EVERYBODY loved us. Except our nearest neighbors, they're religious types but they never bothered us. She said Meow a lot.

"She did not like the Leftist mindset of our community and watched me get blocked and banned for not having the good sense to shut up on politics. She supported Trump and absolutely despised Kamala Harris. She filled our home with Dixie and Gadsen flags. A dixie flag is NOT racist.

"Her Twitter persona, nor her in person persona towards industry participants, was 180 degrees from the real Faye. She closed her social media,too fake, and finally quit smoking weed. She had just applied for a job at Dollar general because the manager there loved us."

Report added: 1 Mar 2019. Last updated: 16 Jul 2019

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