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Crysllaine Guedes da Silva

Age 21

1 Apr 2019
Juazeiro do Norte, Ceará (Brazil)

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Crysllaine Guedes da Silva
Crysllaine Guedes da Silva [photo:]

Chrysllaine's body was found in a vacant lot on Rua Yone Rodrigues at about 8am on Monday 1st April. She had been stabbed.

After exactly two weeks without any recorded homicides in Juazeiro do Norte a young [trans woman] was murdered on Monday. Around 8 o'clock in the morning, witnesses called the police after finding a corpse on a vacant lot at Rua Yone Rodrigues, in front of number 286 in the João Cabral neighborhood. Soon came the identification as [deadname] Guedes da Silva, 21, whose body had stab wounds.

The Cariri Association for Diversity and Inclusion (ACEDI) lamented the death of the trans woman and said it intends to follow the case until those responsible are punished. "We remember the urgent and pressing need to combat free and cowardly hatred, whether it is aimed at TRANS, Lesbian and Gay people, whether because of their diverse sexual orientation, gender identity or color, nationality, disability, among other types of situations that have constantly been the reason for the exacerbation of intolerance, hatred and disrespect.".

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