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Kassandra Solórzano Romero

Age 49

8 Apr 2019
Neiva, Huila (Colombia)

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Kassandra Solórzano Romero
Kassandra Solórzano Romero [photo:]

Kassandra was a stylist. Her body was found half-naked and with hands and feet tied in her home in the Emaya Bajo neighborhood of Neiva. She had been suffocated with a pillow.

The trans woman registered in her identity documents as [deadname] Solórzano Romero, 49 years old, was murdered inside her home located in Carrera 20 sur 9a-23 Emaya Bajo neighborhood, Comuna 6 of the capital of Huila.

Her murder caused great commotion in the sector, as Kasandra was not only recognized for her work as a hairdresser but also enjoyed the appreciation of the community, who described her as an outgoing person who had no problems with anyone.

According to the Metropolitan Police of Neiva, a call came at 10:25am from a person who reported a possible fight. When arriving at the scene police proceeded to knock on the door of the house indicated in the call, but nobody responded.

"When verifying the property indicated as the place where the fight took place, officers discovered that the windows were covered with plastic tiles. When the police looked inside they found the body of a half-naked woman with her face covered with a pillow and apparently lifeless," said Major Hector Ruiz Arias, deputy commander Metropolitan Police of Neiva.

Report added: 6 May 2019. Last updated: 13 Jan 2021

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