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Becky González Reyna

19 Apr 2019
Minatitlán, Veracruz (Mexico)

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Becky González Reyna
Becky González Reyna [photo:]

Becky was one of 14 people shot dead on Good Friday in an attack on a birthday party held at a restaurant. Among the dead was a 1 year old boy named Santiago.

Becky owned the "nearby La Esquina del Chacal" bar (a venue popular with LGBT+ folks in the area) and it appears that she was the target of the attack. The motive may have been related to a protection racket by a local cartel.

The massacre in Veracruz of 13 people, initially, increased on Saturday the tension in that Mexican state, one of the ones that has suffered the greatest escalation of violence in the country for being the center of dispute of drug cartels, on the eve of the visit of the agent Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The death toll rose to 14 today after a man died in the hospital to which he was transferred after the attack. Three other people are still being treated for their injuries.

The first investigations of the crime, where seven men, five women and a one-year-old boy were murdered, reveal that the armed group was looking for a transsexual person, who was a manager of a nightclub and who has been in the last few weeks the target of these criminals, who have murdered the owners of such leisure establishments.

Among the thirteen victims is the owner of the palapa (restaurant) "Los Potros", where the massacre took place, and the transsexual "Becky", identified as the manager of "La Esquina del Chacal".

Four more people, injured during the attack, are stable in hospitals in the area, where police forces mounted surveillance operations to prevent the criminals from returning.

Among the victims was Santiago, a one-year-old boy whose father was killed. His mother is in hospital fighting for her life after being shot 5 times. He had turned a year old on 17th April and died from a bullet in the carotid artery. His father César Hérnández Barrera was also killed and his mother is critically ill in hospital after being shot 5 times.

Irma Barrera Álvarez, César Hernández Barrera, Santiago Hernández, Hebert Reyes Martínez, Patricia Cabrera Ramos, Alfredo Meugniot Careta, Juan René López Velázquez, Raúl Palacios Vasconcelos, Felicitas Cabrera Gil, Ana María Santos Hernández, Leobardo Salinas Jiménez, Julio César Vázquez López and Julio César González Reyna have so far also been confirmed as having been murdered during the attack.

The authorities have identified the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) as being responsible for the massacre.

Mexico City.- Federal and state forces identified two alleged drug trafficking leaders as alleged responsible for the killing of thirteen people in southern Veracruz.

Intelligence forces from different areas, such as the State Civil Force, the Federal Police and the Mexican Army, maintain the search for these two alleged regional leaders of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

This is "The Lizard" and / or "The Jarocho", supposed leader of the plaza in Minatitlan, as well as "El Pelón", supposed to be the second in command of the criminal organization in this same municipality.

The Prosecutor of Veracruz said that the motive for the attack was extortion in which two alleged leaders of the Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generación (CJNG) were involved. The first investigations pointed to the fact that the alleged perpetrators sought directly "Becly Ryn", who would have stopped paying the criminal group.

Through social networks circulates a photo allegedly of “The Lizard” or “Mataniños”, presumed to be responsible for the massacre, and José Roberto Sánchez, nicknamed “Comandante 80”, who is thought to be in charge of the Jalisco Cartel.

The latter, the “Comandante 80”, was an agent of the Public Ministry in Acayucan, Veracruz, when Javier Duarte was governor of the state. Today he is the leader of the “El Mencho” cartel.

Becky's Facebook account (which is under the name "Rebekita Ryn") is

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