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2 May 2019
Grajaú, Maranhão (Brazil)

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T. [photo:]

T. was stabbed several times in the back and chest and had his neck cut.

It is already the fourth crime in Grajaú where the victims are killed by slipping, (knife cut in the neck). The first three crimes of this nature occurred in the Expoagra sector in the Vila São Pedro and Joana Batista neighborhood, where the victims were two boys, one found at the old airport, the other in the middle of Rua at Conjunto Joana Batista, and a man who worked with paintings. was found indoors with a blow to the neck.

Already this morning of Thursday (02) May 2019 was found the fourth victim of crimes of this type, the [son] of Brasilina a young [trans boy] known as [deadname], was found in the Ipem neighborhood of Grajaú, with several stab wounds to the back and near the nipples, as well as a large cut in the neck.

The police investigate the perpetrators and the cause of the [boy's] death, further details after police investigation.

Report added: 22 Sep 2019. Last updated: 13 Jan 2021

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