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Larissa Rodrigues da Silva

Age 21
4 May 2019
São Paulo (Brazil)

Larissa Rodrigues da Silva
Larissa Rodrigues da Silva [photo:]

Larissa was beaten with a piece of wood on the corner of Alameda dos Tacaúnas and Avenida Indianópols in the Planalto Paulista neighborhood. Her attacker fled the scene.

In an interview with the G1, the victim's sister Rosana Rodrigues reported that Larissa came to São Paulo four years ago to help the family financially. "I did not think she was going to be killed that way. She did not mess with anyone," she told the portal.

The case happened around 10pm. According to childhood friend Sorela Souza, 25, a man wanted to run a show with Larissa, but he was violent she she rejected his request. Soon afterwards the same man came back with a slat of wood and struck Larissa, who fell instantly. The same man also ran after a colleague of Larissa who was nearby before returning to hit Larissa in the head again, even though she was already unconscious.

Sorela, who came to the capital of São Paulo to take care of procedures for the transfer of Larissa's body as soon as she learned of the murder, remembers her friend with affection. "A very calm girl, who liked to help her family and the people around her. Super good. Always thinking about the next person. Her social networks are full of homage, it shows how loved she was".

A native of Fortaleza and from a poor family, Larissa had been in São Paulo for four years and lived on Avenida 9 de Julho. According to Sorela, she sent money to her mother in Ceará every week.

Larissa's friends complained that the emergency services took an hour and a half to arrive and that during that time the Military Police prevented people from helping the victim. The Emergency Mobile Service (SAMU) was called because, according to Carlos, the victim's cousin, Larissa was still alive and was taken to PS Arthur Ribeiro de Saboya (Hospital Jabaquara), where she died.

Carlos stated that their cousin was "calm, did not use drugs and did not drink and sometimes was even shy".

Larissa's killer surrendered to police on 7th May.

The suspect fled shortly after the crime, but on Monday afternoon he decided to surrender to the authorities, fearing being arrested or recognized on the street as the murder scene was filmed by a CCTV camera. The [trans woman] was beaten. The motive of the murder has not yet been reported.

Larissa's Facebook profile is

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