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Melissa Borges

4 May 2019
Bacabal, Maranhão (Brazil)
Stabbed and mutilated

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Melissa Borges
Melissa Borges [photo:]

Melissa's body was found behind the Vereador Joãozinho sports centre in Vila São João. She had been stabbed 10 times and one of her hands severed and stuffed in her mouth.

On Saturday afternoon (04), around 5:30 pm, a dressing body identified as "[deadname] Borges", known as "Melissa", was found. According to reports the body was found in shrubs behind the court of Vereador Joãozinho, in Vila São João.

The police were deployed and it was found that the victim was killed cruelly, as they cut off her hand and put it in her mouth, implying that "Melissa" had been talking too much.

Her body was taken to the hospital, so the doctors could determine which instrument was used to commit this barbarous murder.

The day afterwards José Ferreira de Souza, 29, (known as "Ferreirinha") confessed to killing her. He claimed that he had acted in self defence, and confessed that he had killed her elseware but dragged her body to the location it was eventually found.

Ferreirinha appeared in the Regional Police Station of Santa Inês and after presenting himself, was given a prison term as there is an open prison nearby.

In his testimony the defendant claimed that he acted in self-defense, saying that Melissa but she did not accept the end of their relationship and that in the middle of the conversation she had tried to kill him and he reacted. In the confusion he ended up murdering Melissa.

When he was placed in the police cells before being sent to prison in Piratininga, other prisoners showed their revulsion about the barbaric crime he had committed by beating him, requiring the intervention of the police on duty.

Melissa's Facebook profile (on which she goes by the name Jayna Melyssa La Reina) is

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