TDoR 2019 / 2019 / May / 06 / Heart Pontanes

Heart Pontanes

Age 20

6 May 2019
Malabon, Metro Manila (Philippines)

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Heart Pontanes
Heart Pontanes [photo:]

Heart was killed by two men shortly after they took a selfie with her. She died while being treated for her injuries.

Police say that two men took a selfie with a make-up artist before stabbing her dead in Malabon City on Monday afternoon.

The victim was identified as [deadname] Pontanes, alias Heart, of VMN Compound, Barangay Potrero, of the said city.

Pontanes died while being treated at the Manila Central University (MCU) hospital for injuries to various parts of the body.

Malabon City Police Chief P / Col reported. Jessie Tamayo said it was just before dawn when the suspects, identified as Johndel Flores and a man named 'Renel', were at the victim's house. Witnesses identified them as Roan Rosal, 35, and Rose Ann Ramos, 33.

Pontanes said the two were regular customers and were free to enter the victim's rented room. Prior to the incident, the suspects allegedly borrowed the victim's cellphone and took selfies. It is not known why the suspects stabbed her with a kitchen knife.

The victim's cellphone was recovered at the scene of the crime, which included a selfie picture of the suspects and a bloody kitchen knife used for the crime.

Report added: 13 Nov 2019. Last updated: 13 Jan 2021

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