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Milo Mazurkiewicz

6 May 2019
Warsaw, Masovia (Poland)

Milo Mazurkiewicz
Milo Mazurkiewicz [photo: Jesso Car]

Milo identified as non-binary trans and had expressed frustration with clinicians refusing to recognise their identity.

According to their friend Jesso they mostly used they/their pronouns but didn't mind she/her. When a vigil held for them in Warsaw on 24th May it was attacked by anti-LGBT+ thugs.

A group of people in Warsaw, Poland gathered to mourn the loss of a transgender friend last night (24 May).

They hung a rainbow flag over the Lazienkowski Bridge where Milo Mazurkiewicz, who identified as non-binary trans, took their own life just two weeks prior.

"I'm fed up," Mazurkiewicz wrote in a 2 May Facebook post: "I'm fed up being treated like a piece of shit."

They then added: "I'm fed up with people (psychologists, doctors, therapists) telling me I can't be who I am because I don't look like that.

"Treating me as if it was all in my head and telling me I need papers proving it.

"Caring more about how I dress than how I feel.

"Telling me that it's good that my chosen name is neutral-sounding, that it's good my body is not extremely feminine, that's it's good I haven't come out at work (yet).

"Telling me that maybe I should stop being (trying to be) myself and wait until other doctors and therapists decide I can.

"I'm fed up of all of that.

"Sometimes it makes me fight even more, sometimes it makes me want to end it all and stop my life right here.

"Sometimes its just makes me want to cry," they wrote.

A big thank you to their friend Jesso for sending us a far better photo of Milo and confirming their birthdate (28th January 1995).

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