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Yara Souza

10 May 2019
Diadema, São Paulo (Brazil)

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Yara Souza
Yara Souza [photo:]

Yara was killed at the Kankun Motel on Avenida Presidente Kennedy on the morning of Friday 10th May. Her killer was arrested at the scene.

One more - how many others met the same end yesterday, and how many will be attacked today?

It is difficult to know.

As a Trans Woman I would like to be able to say that no more will be killed by any means.

But unfortunately I cannot give that certainty.

I can only sympathise with the pain she felt, the desperation, the struggle for her life and wish that she could have had the peace she did not have in her life.

As long as there is Prejudice, as long as there is Transphobia we will never be sure. We will never have the Peace we deserve.

-- Amber

Yara's Facebook account is

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