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13 May 2019
Cuidad de Mexico, Distrito Federal (Mexico)

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Natalia was found unresponsive in a building near the intersection of Avenida José María Vértiz and Concepción Béistegui in the Narvarte neighborhood. She died at the scene.

Local media reported that she may have died after fleeing from a taxi driver to avoid paying him, but reading between the lines it sounds like she might have been beaten and robbed elseware and either flagged down a cab to escape or been attacked by the taxi driver himself, before running away and entering the building where she died.

An investigation for the crime of culpable homicide was opened by the police. As her body was found with breasts exposed and trousers open it is presumed that she also suffered an attempted sexual assault.

Like so many cases we may never know anything more about her or what really happened, but it's pretty clear that she was a victim of some kind of violence.

MEXICO.- The transsexual woman who was found dead on May 13 in a building in the Narvarte neighborhood, mayor Benito Juárez died inside the ground floor of the building, after minutes before she ran away from a taxi driver to avoid paying him and even, According to witnesses, the girl asked for help and was running.

Lying on the floor, next to a bag, a hairbrush and the bare neckline was the body of a transsexual woman inside the entrance of building 966, on Avenida José María Vértiz corner with Concepción Béistegui.

According to witnesses, the woman was seen running around 5:45 am and shouted "Help! Help!". Later, in front of one of the apartments of this five-story building, she fell head-on and hit her face. It was then that a neighbor saw her. Once the girl got up, a man opened the door of the building and let her into the ground floor to escape any danger; However, a taxi driver then arrived and alleged that the woman got out without paying him, so he called the police to discuss the situation.

"According to the taxi driver, she got out on Axis 5 and ran. I think the girl identified herself as Natalia to the police. The taxi driver got out and told my neighbor that she did not want to pay the taxi fare" narrated to MILENIO a witness, who decided not to give his name.

The taxi driver said that the woman allegedly did not bring money and remembers having seen her a little drunk and that "she did not coordinate in her movements".

The police, he added, told the girl that if she did not pay she would be detained. It was then that she insisted that she did not bring any more money and had already given 250 pesos to the taxi driver. After minutes of dialogue between the driver and the officers, the police decided to leave.

After several minutes of dialogue between the driver and the officers, they decided to leave. However, the woman was not examined or attended to by medical staff despite having been beaten and remained lying inside the building to recover and rest.

The testimony describes that later, around 7:45, it was that other neighbors were calling an ambulance as well as the police when they realized that she was no longer breathing.

The agent of the Public Ministry of the Territorial Coordination Benito Juárez Tres initiated an investigation for the crime of culpable homicide for other reasons.

Report added: 27 May 2019. Last updated: 13 Jan 2021

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