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Gala Estefanía Perea

Age 19
26 May 2019
San Isidro de Lules, Tucumán (Argentina)

Gala Estefanía Perea
Gala Estefanía Perea [photo:]

Gala was strangled by her partner after an argument. Neighbours called the police after hearing her screaming.

A trans girl was murdered. It happened in a house on Calle Eliseo Cantón at 100, in the city of San Isidro de Lules. A person was apprehended who had a relationship with the victim.

According to some witnesses, the couple had an argument and neighbors called the police. When the police entered the house they found the victim without vital signs. She had been strangled.

The 42 year old alleged partner of the trans girl was arrested. The Public Prosecutor's Office and the Police continue to investigate the case.

Victor Exequiel Natalio Martinez, 42, was arrested for her murder. His sister Ángela said this of him: "My brother was always a violent person. He had no affection for anyone. Hit even the dogs. It's ugly for all of us and especially for me because he's my brother, but hey ... He has to pay for the crime he committed."

According to her relatives, Gala had been forced into sex work by the man who ultimately murdered her.

"They are forced to do that because the doors of the labor market are closed to them. There are many girls who have a high school diploma and who cannot get a job because they are trans".

Report added: 28 May 2019. Last updated: 13 Nov 2019. Source ref: tgeu/26-May-2019/Gala Estefanía Perea

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