TDoR 2019 / 2019 / May / 29 / Techi


Age 45

29 May 2019
Arequipa (Peru)
Possible suicide


Techi's body was found in the waters of the rio del Chili on 29th May. She had last been seen three days earlier.

Her death is being treated as a possible suicide.

Techi's body had been dragged by the waters of the Chili River. The rocks contained it. She was almost naked, apparently the waters ripped off her clothes. An orange polo shirt wrapped around his face. It was impossible to say how long the corpse was submerged in the torrent. A neighbor notified the police of the find. While the body of the victim was removed, radios and virtual channels gave account of their physical features: a man of 45 to 50 years.

The tragedy of Techi hit members of the trans community of Arequipa . She left home on May 26, and three days later, she was a corpse. The investigation considers a possible suicide, but the fact that her body had a polo shirt covering her face awakens the suspicion of this community, so tormented by violence and impunity.

Do you think it is a hate crime ? Ana Flavia Chávez, a transsexual woman, points out that determining that in Arequipa is difficult, as the law does not ensure a transparent investigation. For the law, only the body of a man was found in the river, there is no way to account for the fact that it was a person belonging to a vulnerable group.

In life Techi was encouraged to admit her gender identity at an already mature age. Ana Flavia says she started wearing tight clothes and letting her hair grow. This process was interrupted because her clients stopped buying from her. Then she went back to dressing as before while selling merchandise on the Andrés Avelino Cáceres shopping platform. The autopsy conducted on her body indicates that Techi was HIV+.

Report added: 17 Jun 2019. Last updated: 27 Nov 2019

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