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Rosinha do Beco

Age 63

30 May 2019
Seabra, Bahia (Brazil)

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Rosinha do Beco
Rosinha do Beco [photo:]

Rosinha was beaten to death with a piece of wood in her home. Her attacker then started a fire to try to conceal the evidence.

A 15-year-old teenager is being sought by police.

A [trans woman] identified as Rosinha do Beco, 63 years old, was murdered in the last Thursday (May 30) in Seabra, in the region of Chapada Diamantina. The victim had her body and house burned. The crime happened around 7am, at AloĆ­sio Rocha Street, in the Artur Alves neighborhood.

According to the Blog Bom Sucesso Freedom, at the scene of the crime, investigators found in the residence a piece of wood with blood stains. Besides, the walls were stained with blood and the furniture in the house was upended. The perpetrators and motivation of the crime are investigated by the Civil Police.

Rosinha was a street vendor who was well known in the city.

"They murdered Rosinha, the oldest [trans woman] in Chapada Diamantina, in Bahia, they killed Rosinha and set fire to her body. Rosinha was loved by all, fair, good-humored and playful," wrote Sayonara Nogueira of the Brazilian Trans Institute of Education (IBTE) on Facebook.

The Instagram profile of the National Network of LGBTI + Public Security Operators + (RenospLGBTI) also expressed its opinion on the case, noting that the victim was "very well known and loved" throughout the region. The post suggested that the suspect wanted a meeting with her, but there is still no information on what happened next. The Territorial Police Station of Seabra continues with investigations to ascertain the motivation of the crime.

"(Rosinha) was no longer suffering from stigma and prejudice because she was a [trans woman], and was seen more like an elderly, good-natured, playful and hard-working woman," says the RenospLGBTI publication. "Her death in a place where crimes of this kind are not common, where one usually does not hear of lgbtphobic crimes, can be read as a reflection of the culture of prejudice that is gaining strength in Brazil.",travesti-e-morta-a-pauladas-e-tem-corpo-queimado-na-chapada-diamantina.html,travesti-idosa-e-morta-a-pauladas-em-seabra-na-chapada-diamantina

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