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Chynal Lindsey

Age 26
1 Jun 2019
Dallas, Texas (USA)

Chynal Lindsey
Chynal Lindsey [photo:]

Chynal's body was found after someone called the police to report a body in White Rock Lake. Police reported that her body showed “obvious signs of homicidal violence”.

A second black transgender woman was found dead over the weekend in Dallas. This past Saturday, police found the body of Chynal Lindsey, 26, in White Rock Lake after someone called police to report a body in the lake.

At a press conferences, Police Chief U. Reneé Hall said Lindsey’s body had “obvious signs of homicidal violence.”

Hall said that Dallas Police have reached out to the FBI to help with the investigation because of a possible connection to another trans woman who was murdered in the Dallas area.

“We are concerned, and we are actively and aggressively investigating the case,” Hall said.

Last month, Muhlaysia Booker was found shot to death in Dallas. A month prior to being murdered, she was beaten by a mob that shouted anti-LGBTQ epithets like “That’s what your faggot ass gets” and “Get that faggot out of our hood.”

Chynal's Facebook profile is

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