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Shakira ("La Moy")

Age 20

8 Jun 2019
Choloma, Cortés (Honduras)

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Shakira ("La Moy")

Shakira was stoned to death by a group of men. Her body lay in the street in full view of her frightened neighbours before the police finally removed it several hours later.

In Honduras, where 68% of the population of 9 million lives in conditions of poverty and exclusion, getting out of heteronorm costs life. In the last week two trans girls and a lesbian were brutally murdered and organizations of sexual diversity denounce that they were hate crimes.

Shakira or ""La Moy"", as she was known, was a young trans woman, who was killed by stones between midnight on Saturday June 8 and early Sunday morning in the colony Oswaldo Lopez Arellano, municipality of Choloma, in the northern department of Cortés, one of the most violent areas of Honduras. At just 20 years old, Shakira was executed in the same neighborhood where she lived. Her body remained in the street for several hours before the frightened eyes of his neighbors, who called the police.

Witnesses said that the crime was committed by men who brutally threw stones at her until she was killed, said Rihanna Ferrera, of the Cozumel Trans organization.

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