TDoR 2019 / 2019 / July / 17 / Angie Digiacomo

Angie Digiacomo

Age 38

17 Jul 2019
Moreno, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Mauled by dogs

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Angie Digiacomo

Angie was killed by two pit bull terriers belonging to a man who lived near the vacant lot where she was working. Her colleagues claim that he released them on purpose.

Two pit bulls brutally attacked a trans girl until she died. The incident took place inside a field that lacked fencing in Moreno; the victim was almost unrecognizable as a result of the bites of the animals, whose owner is a businessman who lives two blocks from the scene.

When the police officers of the police station No. 1 of the district arrived at the intersection of Nicolás Copernicico street with the collector, they found a horrible and macabre scene: two completely bloodied dogs panting as if tired, and behind some bushes, the Lifeless body of the trans person with a series of injuries to her neck. According to the autopsy she also had a sharp cut in the carotid artery and a fractured trachea, her lower limbs were severed, her neck parted and her head mutilated.

Minutes after discovering the macabre scene, police officers found the owner of the animals. He was a man of 59 years, an entrepreneur in the construction industry, who lives in a villa two blocks from the wasteland, and said his dogs "had escaped and he was looking for them".

The identity of the victim was not yet officially established but it transpired that she was a trans girl. Her name was Angie Digiacomo and she was 38 years old, according to trans people who claimed to know her in the media.

"Many times we ask the owner to please put up a fence. He ignored us and as he did not want us to work here, then released his dogs," said one of them.

First to arrive at the bloody scene were officers of the Buenos Aires Police, who were alerted by a 911 call around 7:00 am on Wednesday. According to reports, the 38-year-old victim had crossed into a field to urinate, and at that moment she was attacked by the pit bulls.

After the autopsy of the body carried out in the General Rodriguez judicial morgue, the victim suffered a lethal wound to the neck, since one of the bites caused a large cut in the carotid artery. However, she also suffered very serious injuries to other parts of her body.

Upon arriving at the site, officers of Police Station No. 1 found one of the bloody pitbulls near the body, while the other was found near the area. The owner of the dogs is a businessman who has a place two blocks from the site, and although the friends of the victim claim that he had released them, in his defense he claimed that his pets had escaped.

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