TDoR 2019 / 2019 / July / 19 / Michelle


Age 24

19 Jul 2019
San Luis Potosí (Mexico)
Tortured and shot

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Michelle's body was found after a 911 call was made on the morning of Friday 19th July. She had been executed.

The General Prosecutor's Office of the State of San Luis Potosí (FGESLP) began the investigation due to the discovery of a lifeless body of a person, who at the moment is in an unknown capacity, this at the intersection of Eje 104 and calle Chichimecas of the San Luis Industrial subdivision, in the Potosí capital.

The report was received minutes before 8:00 in the morning of this Friday, July 19, where notice was given about the finding of the lifeless body of a person who was in the middle of a vacant lot, where they moved elements of the General Directorate of Research Methods of the FGESLP, as well as Experts to begin with the corresponding inquiries.

The victim wore light blue denim trousers, a gray blouse and flat-soled shoes as well as a long haired wig.

Local LGBT+ organisations are trying to identify the victim.

Olympia Palomo Moreno, president of the Collective for Sexual Diversity and Gender Equity A.C., said that in the case of murder of trans or transvestite girls, it is very difficult to identify the bodies.

The trans activist suggested that, given the injuries detected in the body - blows and a cut in the neck - the attack was likely a hate crime, reinforced by homophobic comments on social networks.

"Religion is an absurd burden and leads to this. These are the consequences, that a 24-year-old person, who did not owe or fear it, ended up this way and the truth is not fair. Hopefully the Prosecutor's Office can clarify the crime as soon as possible, as it has done with others, "he said.

In addition, Paul Ibarra Collazo, director of Red Diversificados Sociales A.C., lamented the murder of the alleged [trans woman], which is at a time when the LGBTTTIQ community has gained access to various rights.

"We are worried because it just happens in a season that certain rights have been accessed, that there has been some openness and that, in addition, there have been very strong manifestations of hate, by parts of certain groups," he emphasized.

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