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Sasha María Rivas Martínez

Age 25

28 Jul 2019
Caracas, Distrito Capital (Venezuela)
Cosmetic filler poisoning

Sasha María Rivas Martínez
Sasha María Rivas Martínez [photo:]

Sasha died after a cosmetic filler injection.

An autopsy revealed she had suffered an intracranial hemorrhage caused by the mixture of oils injected into her chest.

[deadname] Rivas Martínez, 25 years old, a [trans woman] who identified herself as Sasha María died after an aesthetic treatment of breast enlargement with oil.

Sasha, who was doing the interventions to increase the size of the bust apparently went to an aesthetic center where in five sessions they would guarantee a considerable increase in size.

Last Saturday, July 27, the third of the interventions was carried out.

A transsexual woman, identified as Sasha María (25), died last weekend at the José María Vargas hospital in Caracas as a result of an intracranial hemorrhage caused by a mixture of oils.

Sasha was admitted to the hospital after feeling strong discomfort in the body, after receiving the third injection of oil that was part of a treatment to increase the size of her breasts.

Sasha María, who in her identity document appeared under the name of [deadname] Rivas Martínez, said treatment was carried out in a clandestine "aesthetic center" in Caracas. The authorities reported that they are investigating where the premises are and who the owners are in order to punish those responsible.

The young woman was an agronomist, a native of Ciudad Bolívar. She had emigrated to Caracas, apparently due to differences with her relatives, and resided in the town of Carapita, Antímano.

More and more people are undergoing aesthetic treatments to change aspects of their body, especially increasing breasts and / or buttocks. However, those who do not have the economic means to pay for expensive treatments, resort to much more dangerous “solutions”, such as the use of oils without [medical] certification, reaching the extreme of using even olive oil, motor oil and glue.

In 2012, the Government of Venezuela banned silicone injections because of its health risk, however, according to figures from the Venezuelan Society of Aesthetic and Maxillofacial Plastic Reconstructive Surgery (Svcprem), 30% of Venezuelan women between 18 and 50 years in 2014 silicone injections were placed in the buttocks. The data on the use of “unconventional” treatments are not recorded in the statistics.

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